#019 Happy Hearts, Healthy Thoughts, And Home Education

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#019 Happy Hearts, Healthy Thoughts, And Home Education

On this episode of The Literate Child, Rebecca Laffar-Smith and Nanci Nott chat with Lorri McCarthy.

Lorri began home schooling her eight year old son, Maxx, after becoming unhappy with the way he was treated at school. Maxx has been diagnosed with ADHD, and is on the waiting list for an autism assessment.

Since removing Maxx from school, and taking Maxx off his ADHD medication, Lorri has seen positive changes in her son. Instead of negative self-talk, depression, and suicidal thoughts, Maxx says, his ‘heart feels happy again’, and he has regained a healthy appetite.

Massive lifestyle changes (such as the transition from school to home-education) are empowering, and can literally transform lives.

Some of the issues addressed in this episode include:

  • Dealing with self-doubt.
  • Homeschooling with a mental illness.
  • Modelling self-nurturing behaviours.
  • Risk-taking activities.
  • Attachment and separation anxiety.
  • Standardised testing.
  • High school certificates.
  • Getting into University as a homeschooler.
  • How to effortlessly collect ‘evidence of learning’ for moderator visits.
  • What happens if you ‘fail’ your moderator meeting?
  • How a plastic storage tub can help you ace your yearly meeting.
  • Remembering that most authentic learning experiences do not resemble ‘school work’.
  • How interest-led learning can comprehensively cover most, if not all, curriculum requirements.

Also in this episode, we talk about how home educating provides time (and opportunities) for families to connect more deeply. Home education has the potential to re-frame life experiences, especially for children whose core needs can’t easily be met in a traditional school environment.

We discuss how home education can encourage children to have a default setting of, ‘How can I explore this concept more?’ as opposed to, ‘How can I avoid having to learn about stuff?’ This can be an especially powerful paradigm shift for children who have struggled to thrive in mainstream schooling. Children with dyslexia, autism, and other learning differences can find home education to be particularly beneficial. Many learning difficulties and behavioural issues can be accommodated for (or even resolved) authentically and respectfully at home, in ways that aren’t realistic options in an institutional setting.

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