#018 Negating Piaget (And Other Ways To Re-Set Society)

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#018 Negating Piaget (And Other Ways To Re-Set Society)

This episode is unique, in that it was never intended to be a podcast episode. It was a casual, late night, on-line chat between Rebecca and Nanci, which was unknowingly recorded onto the tail end of an actual episode.

We decided to share this honest, unguarded conversation with our listeners, as the content may be thought provoking and/or relevant to our audience. We welcome any feedback. You may (or may not) agree with our perspectives, but we invite our listeners to share their opinions, including opinions of our opinions.

The concepts we contemplated throughout our late night chat ranged from controversial to ridiculous, but that’s what happens after midnight, right?

Is home-educating right for every family, or are there some families who would be better off in the school system? If society better understood home education, would more people home educate?

What if schools became un-schools?

Should Piaget be deleted from teacher textbooks?

What would happen if respect, honesty, compassion and self-awareness were the four cornerstones of education?

Due to its unplanned nature, this episode is shorter than our standard length, and does contain some mild language.

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