#017 Traci Harding on being a successful dyslexic author

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#017 Traci Harding on being a successful dyslexic author

In this episode, Rebecca and Nanci are lucky enough to chat with the lovely (and prolific!) Australian novelist, Traci Harding.

Traci Harding has written 20 incredible books (so far). She is a truly beautiful person, who has inspired and entertained countless readers since 1996. She is also dyslexic.

Rebecca asks Traci how she went about going from completed manuscript to getting published. Traci shares her journey to publication, as well her advice for dyslexic children who love telling stories. One thing Traci suggests is, “Don’t get it right, get it out.”

After the interview, Rebecca and Nanci talk about how Traci Harding’s books have impacted them personally, and why reading quality stories is a crucial aspect of self-education.

In addition to their interview with Traci Harding, Rebecca and Nanci also talk about Swancon, authors writing their own blurbs, black swans, time travel, and Nanci’s new book, ‘Zany Circus: Paradox’.

To learn more about Traci Harding, or to purchase her books, go to www.traciharding.com

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