#014 Perth Writers Festival 2017

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#014 Perth Writers Festival 2017

A few weeks ago we hung out for a fantastic family fun day at the Perth Writer’s Festival. We roamed around, pulled aside some of the fabulous writers and illustrators from the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and also grabbed some rather surprised but wonderfully engaging young families. It was wonderful to hear the diverse range of experiences and their interesting insight into reading, writing, and so much more.

  • Nadia L. King – Singing and bleeding, and the benefits of boredom.
  • Norman Jorgensen – Imaginary friends, playing God, and pirates.
  • Samantha Hughes and Meg Caddy – YA, history, foxes and frustration. Unrestricted reading, dyslexia, and confidence.
  • Tamara – Pirates, role models and reading.
  • Denis Knight – Opting for otters, science fiction, and reading graphic novels.
  • Michael Speechley – Writing and illustrating, drawing in Japan, and getting bored of books.
  • Sachi Joseph – Evil aliens, brother-trust, saving the world, and vocabulary.
  • Heather – Stealing books and easy reading.
  • Meg (again) – Talking about ‘Zoom Tutoring’, for people with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.
  • Mark Greenwood – History Mysteries, Terry Denton, diving into shipwrecks, and the importance of parents reading aloud to their children.
  • Frané Lessac – A is for Australian Animals, triple-checking facts, and non-native koalas with six thumbs.
  • Sandi Parsons – Pepsi the Puppy, playing with words, and listening to audiobooks.
  • Todd, Andrea, Abby, and Mia – Dad jokes, Harry Potter, frunklepiff, and hundreds of books.
  • Sari and Andreas – Severe dyslexia, attending university, and supporting kids who struggle.
  • Nerida, Leela, Tapsy, and Sol – Home-schooling, spelling issues, Pandemonia, craft activities, poetry, and sharks.

Thank you again to all our lovely guests for giving us a few minutes of your time.