#013 A Teen’s Inspirational Dedication And A Zany Circus

In our funniest episode to date, Rebecca and Nanci speak with Xanthe Turner, the passionate, dedicated, hard-working, 14-year-old illustrator of ‘Zany Circus: Paradox‘.

Xanthe and Nanci talk about what inspired the Zany Circus stories, and Rebecca shares her thoughts on why she sees ‘Zany Circus: Paradox’ as a fun and exciting teaching tool.

This episode delves into subjects such as;

  • What’s missing from the Australian Curriculum?
  • Dyslexia, Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, and living ‘outside the norm’.
  • How did Xanthe develop so much passion, drive, and dedication?
  • Where have all the moths gone?
  • Finding humour in things that aren’t supposed to be funny.
  • Historical bodily fluids.
  • Having fun with physics.
  • Story worlds and imagination.
  • Shaping your own future, even if you can’t time travel.
  • Being disappointed by nostril scarves.
  • The upcoming launch of ‘Zany Circus: Paradox’, on April 15th, 2017, at 2pm, at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.

For more information about ‘Zany Circus:Paradox’, or the launch, visit to http://www.aulexic.com.au/paradoxlaunch





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