#012 Shifting Paradigms: Changing the way we think.

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#012 Shifting Paradigms: Changing the way we think.

In this episode of The Literate Child, Rebecca and Nanci talk with Nerida Mills about overcoming deeply ingrained default settings in order to consciously choose how you want to parent, who you want to be, and what your real priorities are.

Nerida is a trained human behaviourist, NLP practitioner, and generally fabulous human being. A year and a half ago, she made the brave decision to leave the public education system and begin home schooling her three children.

Nerida talks about how she was able to help her children cultivate new positive associations with education and learning, to replace the negative patterns and triggers they had absorbed through attending school. Nerida felt that her children’s experience of schooling was unsatisfactory. One of her children was still unable to read by third grade. Both her daughters suffer anxiety, and some degree of trauma.

Since beginning their homeschooling journey, Nerida’s children have become avid readers, and are delving into a far broader range of passion-led learning experiences. It’s inspiring to see how changing paradigms can shift kids from seeing reading as a chore or a distraction, to seeing it as a tool and a pleasurable pastime.

Nerida talks about overcoming our own preconceived notions about education, in order to enable our children to explore their own full potential.

Another important concept Nerida brings up is being able to let go of guilt in order to parent effectively. Being yourself, and intentionally allowing your children the freedom to be themselves, is one of the greatest gifts you can give them.

These little teasers don’t even begin to scratch the surface of everything we discussed. If any of the aforementioned topics have piqued your interest, you will love this episode.

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