#003 Homeschooling and Dyslexia

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#003 Homeschooling and Dyslexia

This week, Nanci and Rebecca talk about their experiences with homeschooling and dyslexia. Both came to homeschooling for very different reasons and both have experienced the traditional school environment for their children and now choose an eclectic unschooling approach. They’re passionate about giving their uniquely-abled children the tools and skills to be adaptive, creative, self-directed, life-long learners.

Homeschooling and Dyslexia

For Rebecca, as a dyslexic teaching a dyslexic child, one of the key advantages of homeschooling is the opportunity to use multi-sensory approaches to learning. That, coupled with interest-driven deep learning, allows her to take advantage of her children’s interests and strengths to ensure they learn across the curriculum in an engaged and inspired way. The homeschool environment can be an ideal dyslexia-friendly environment because each child receives the ultimate individual education plan.

The most important message Rebecca and Nanci want to impart is that parents should know they have choices. While homeschooling is not for every family, traditional schooling is not the only option. There are choices. It’s important to find the schooling option that is best for each child. It may be tempting to think homeschooling would be difficult, that you may not have the knowledge or experience to be a teacher, but the truth is educating children directly parent to child can be empowering for all involved. It is not as challenging as it might seem from the outside.

Books From Your Backyard

As Nanci mentioned, you can catch Rebecca (and Nanci!) in person at an upcoming local event here in Perth, Western Australia. It’s happening at the State Library of Western Australia in the Perth Cultural Centre on Saturday, January 21st 2017. There will be fabulous children’s authors and illustrators performing across the day. If you specifically want to catch Rebecca’s talk and have a chance to say, “Hi!” to her in person (please let her know you listened to the podcast!) she’s performing as Bec J. Smith at 1pm.
Find out more here: https://www.aulexic.com.au/bfyb17

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