Submission Guidelines

Aulexic is all about creating books that engage and inspire children to want to read. The means we’re open to all genres, word counts, and ages 3 to 18. The most important thing is that you have a compelling story and that your language flows. If we think your story would suit our list we’ll work with you on every other aspect involved in making it right for Aulexic and our reader-friendly approach to writing and publishing. So, tell your story, and if we love it we’ll make it shine together!

When you make a submission please:

  • Include a cover letter (in the body of your email) that identifies the genre, age group, and a short elevator pitch of your story along with any details about you as the writer that might influence branding (eg. If you’re a teacher, what grade/s? If you homeschool, how old are your kids? If you are neurodivergent, we’d love to know! If you’ve got children with special needs, it matters. In fact these aspects matter even more than existing publishing experience and prior books, although it is worth also mentioning those if you have them.)
  • Include a one-page synopsis (approximately 250 words) that outlines your story as it actually unfolds – even how it ends! Don’t keep it a surprise. This synopsis tells us if the core themes of your story is going to work for our list.
  • Submit the first 1,000 words of your manuscript, but PLEASE use your discretion here. If you story is 1,100 words we would prefer you defy this guideline and send through those extra hundred words because it is less aggravating then getting right near the end but having to ask for the last 100 words if we’re interested.
  • Please attach document/s to the email cover letter in one of the following file formats: doc, docx, txt, or pdf only. And note that if you send it as a Microsoft Word file we can include track changes and comments directly into the document. All other formats will receive only summary notes as feedback.
  • Use any font (We change it to Dyslexie when we read – if you also use Dyslexie (which is free for personal use) then you can make it easier for us by opting for that too!)
  • Submit both the synopsis and manuscript in 12-14pt, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins. And do use good paragraph breaks. Be aware of your white space. Big blocks of text are NOT the friend of people with reading difficulties.
  • Set your header = book title left, series title right (if applicable); and footer = author name left, email centre, page of pages right. This helps me keep track of the submissions and prevents me getting anything mixed or muddled in my filing and processing.

And finally…
The number one rule about submitting to publishers and our publisher guidelines is to do everything possible to make receiving your submission an absolute joy. Make our job as easy as you possibly can to say yes. Present a highly polished work, tell a great story, use plenty of white space, and consider that publishers are busy very people.

Mail submissions to If you do not get a response within one week please follow up with a query to ensure we received your submission.

We are currently accepting submissions in any genre of:

  • chapter books (1,000-10,000 words)
  • middle grade novellas (5,000-25,000 words)
  • choose-your-own-adventure stories (up to 25,000 words)
  • teen and young adult fiction novels/novellas (5,000-70,000 words)
  • teaching guides, lesson plans, and phonic readers
  • activities, puzzles, mazes, etc. and
  • non-fiction early literacy or developing literacy articles (400-3,000 words).

If you have a submission you think may suit our list but that is not listed above send a query via email with a brief pitch and we’ll let you know if we’d like to take a look.

Regarding Picture Books
While we are not specifically closed to picture books – all ages, we have a production calendar for picture books that takes us to the end of 2019. While picture book submissions are welcome, our list is extremely limited and we are having to reject 99% of picture book submissions at this time. The exception to this rule is with regard to our Creative Owls program below.

Regarding Illustrations/Illustrators
We are looking to build our database of available illustrators and encourage illustrators to submit portfolios. We are particularly interested in any illustrators who are looking to earn their initial publication credits or design experience and are willing to agree to royalty-only agreements rather than advance or commission. We offer extensive feedback and mentoring services to novice and emerging talent.

The Creative Owls Program

Our new Creative Owls program is an initiative to bring the creative works of children to life. Whenever we run a live Kids Can Make Picture Books or Let’s Play With Words workshop we invite our participants to submit their completed manuscripts once they’ve finished them at home or school. We’ll then work with these young creatives to ensure they’ve provided all the elements required to transform their work into the real thing. Then, once we have everything we need, we’ll do the layouts and production to create the books and make them available through Amazon’s CreateSpace service. Families, friends, and schools will have the opportunity to purchase the books online through our website (or direct from Amazon) and the book will be available to a wider market. While these young creatives won’t earn royalties for their creations, most are thrilled that their book can really exist. Any proceeds go toward offsetting the cost of running this program.