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Share Your Book Review With Us And Get Free Books!!!

At Aulexic we love to reward our reviewers.

To say thanks for taking the time to write a review of any Aulexic title, we’ll invite those who share the link to their feedback and comments to join our “Wise Owls” team. “Wise Owls” can ask for complimentary review copies of any Aulexic title (eBook only) in exchange for an honest review. Pick what to you want to read and review next!

We are also developing a loyal team of “Street Owls”. “Street Owls” go above and beyond to support Aulexic’s success. They love our books, read and review early, and share us with their friends and family on social media. To support these fabulous fans we send out free reviewer copies of currently released and upcoming Aulexic titles (including, on occasion, paperback copies!), share great rewards and goodies, and give them first notice of upcoming events and exciting news!

Just let us know where we can read your review online, as well as the format and title you’d like to read next, and we’ll email you within 72 hours.

Leave a book review on Amazon, Google, Goodreads, iTunes, and/or Kobo.

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    5 Tips for Great Reviews!

    Reviews are all about emotion, meaning, and function. Did a book speak to you? Did it connect with you or your child? Did your child delight in the illustrations, the rhythm and rhyme in the language? Do you find a book is one you and your child enjoy coming back to? Some of the best reviews talk about how books make the reader feel and think. What did you like and what did you not like?

    1. It’s always great to review straight after reading so that your thoughts and emotions are fresh and powerful. If you’ve taken time away from a book, read or skim it again so that it’s fresh in your mind.
    2. A great review can be as short as a single sentence or as long as two to three paragraphs. Write whatever length you feel comfortable writing and you feel best expresses your thoughts and feelings.
    3. Be honest and specific. What did you like and why? What didn’t you like and why? The why is the most important part.
    4. Ratings and reviews should be specific to the product, aka the book and its contents. If you’ve got feedback about shipping or pricing those things aren’t really related to the book and should be directed to the support desk at your book retailer or directly to us here at Aulexic.
    5. Review the books you love because it rewards the authors, illustrators, and publishers; reviews help drive sales which also help ensure authors, illustrators, and publishers can afford to keep making more books you’ll love. A few moments of your time leaving an honest review is a way to thank the author, illustrator, and publisher for the many hours (sometimes months or years) it took to create the book and encourages them to keep creating.

    Leave a book review on Amazon, Google, Goodreads, iTunes, and/or Kobo today.

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