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Zany Circus: Paradox

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Zany Circus: Paradox explores time-travel and adventure. When a tragic fall puts their mum in the hospital, three zany circus children meet their interim teacher who is not quite what she seems.

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Zany Circus: Paradox

A fascinating time-travel adventure full of history and science.

When a tragic fall from the circus aerial silks puts their mum in the hospital, three zany circus children meet their interim teacher who is more, or perhaps less, than what she seems. Could Gabby’s secrets help them bring their mother home? If she can teach them to pull silk scarves out of their nostrils, make a Crazy mouse dance on a floating deck of cards, and invite the real Nikola Tesla to visit their Zany Circus school, why can’t they stop their mother from falling? And that’s not even the paradox!

This action, investigation, and adventure story will touch your heart and inspire you to imagine. Reading this book might also lead to epic feats of agility and acrobatics. So be sure to check the safety settings of your backyard trees and remind your children that the bunk beds are not the right place to play pretend circus. (Unless they are, and you’re cool with that). You might also want to keep an eye on your pets. Because, you never know…

Learn more about history from electrical engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla. Meet the great Dog philosopher, Diogenes. And wonder at the sheer vastness of the known and unknown in the dark sciences of quantum physics. From Schrödinger’s Cat (no animals were harmed in the making of this book!) to quantum entanglement. All wrapped in an epic middle grade adventure story for eight to twelve year olds. Invite your little readers to open their mind, seek their own answers, and develop a passion for intrinsically motivated learning.

Dyslexia-Friendly formatting, design, and Dyslexie-font

This special, Aulexic limited edition, is dyslexia-friendly and contains features that aid in comprehension and developing vocabulary. The story is 25,000 words. The included curriculum connections, discussion questions, and recommended activities, make it an ideal classroom tool for grades four to six. It’s length and chapter format are also perfect to read at home or during transit for 8-12 year olds.

If you’re ready to inspire and engage your kids, order Zany Circus: Paradox today!

Book Two, Zany Circus: Pythagoras Rules is now available from Turner Books.

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