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GameNite Episode #02:
A LitFPS Battle Royale Gaming Adventure

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Inspired by the popular video game Fortnite™,
Bec J. Smith teams up with YouTuber CassyJosh to present, GameNite: A LitFPS Battle Royale Gaming Adventure for children 8-12.


GameNite Episode #02

Continue the fun-filled adventure! Fast-paced action and zippy, illustrated chapters will inspire your 8- to 12-year old Fortnite fan to love reading.

Josh Johnson is stuck in an endless loop of bus, battle, beam. Returning to the battle bus isn’t the worst afterlife in the world but there must be some kind of inside knowledge he can master to get good at the game. Each loop is a new location with new threats and new enemies. But loop by loop, Josh is learning. He’s determined to escape this island battleground, and he’ll work to earn that win. Unfortunately, mastering the mindset of a winner isn’t Josh’s biggest challenge. A darker and more deadly danger is closing in. The Storm is coming.

For Fans of Fortnite

GameNite Episode #02 is the second in a series of fun, action-packed stories inspired by real gameplay in the Fortnite universe. It’s a great way to get reluctant readers to disconnect from the game for a few minutes and pick up a book. GameNite is perfect for Fortnite, PubG, or Overwatch fans, as well as readers of video game books for kids like The Legend of Battle Island, Diary of a Minecraft Zombie, the Trapped in a Video Game series, Cube Kid books, and Fortnite Tales.

Although inspired by real gameplay, this Fortnite story is unofficial and not endorsed by Epic Games. Please support Epic Games by downloading Fortnite. It’s free to play, a lot of fun, and CassyJosh would love to see readers in the game!

Victory or death… or death… or death…

“So, I’m back on the bus again.”

I’m living an endless loop.

I’ve gotta get the guns, the mats, and figure this whole thing out. This game isn’t for the weak.

The only way home is to be the last one standing when the storm arrives.

Collect the GameNite Series

This 4,500 word story is perfect for a 30-minute quick read.

Also available on Amazon Kindle;
read free with Kindle Unlimited!

GameNite Episode #02 is also available for Kindle

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A LitFPS Battle Royale Gaming Adventure”

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