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Author: Nanci Nott


Nanci Nott lives in a normal house that doesn’t have six toilets. She likes extra cheese on pizza, and in jokes.

When Nanci was a child, she didn’t believe in fairy tales, but she does now, because she met Prince Charming in 2015. His name is Aaron, and he is a rock star. Well, not yet. But he will be, one day.

Nanci has three children. They don’t go to school because they are very busy learning about the world. The whole family like to spend their days reading, making music, visiting the library, exploring museums, wearing pajamas, playing trampoline-dodge-ball, creating art, inventing things, and laughing at absurdities.

Her adventure-filled middle grade novel, Zany Circus: Paradox, published by Aulexic, is set to take flight in an amazing circus launch on April 15th 2017.