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Author: Nadia L King

Nadia L King: Author of Jenna's Truth
Nadia L King was born in Dublin, Ireland in the 1970s. She was a tiny baby with a rather loud voice. Nadia loved to scribble in her parents’ books and took a long time to learn to read. Once she got started, she didn’t stop. She reads voraciously and enthusiastically. She is an overexcited person who adores words and struggles with grammar. She inhales books the same way her Labrador inhales her dog biscuits.

Nadia took a long time to write, life just seemed to have other plans. Now she writes every day. Her first short story ‘Disappointment’ was published in the US. She has a background in journalism and media relations, and has written for magazines in Europe and the US.

Her powerful anti-bullying story, Jenna’s Truth, was published by Aulexic in October 2016.

Nadia loves writing short stories and also keeps a blog at
She lives with her family, their greedy Labrador and two cats near the Swan River in Western Australia.

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