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One of the things that got Nanci and I really excited while preparing Zany Circus: Paradox was the huge range of learning opportunities the book provides. We included a really fun section in the back of the book that offers some great ideas for how to extend learning from the book, and we also listed the codes for a great many of the curriculum learning outcomes for years three to seven. But there were so many learning opportunities that we couldn’t fit them in the book and instead decided we’d make a teacher’s guide to accompany the book.

But, this idea lead to deciding that it would be fabulous to provide a range of free lesson plans for busy teachers that link to our Aulexic Books. And so, of course, that’s set us back into creation and planning mode while we create beautiful and functional lesson plans that you can take straight into the classroom.

Stay tuned, because we’ll be sharing some of these with you very soon!

We’d also love to see the ideas others have had for using Aulexic books as a resource in the classroom and the lesson plans you may have built to extend learning when sharing our books with your class!