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We’re building a series of blog posts that talk about famous dyslexics from around the world and across time. We’re hoping the series becomes quite extensive so I thought a great way for people to navigate those posts is to have one single post that lists all of the people we’ve talked about or will talk about and links to the blog posts where we talk more about those people.

Famous Dyslexics – The Movie Industry
Jennifer Aniston Actress
Orlando Bloom Actor
Whoopi Goldberg Actress
Salma Hayek Actress
Anthony Hopkins Actor
Keira Knightley Actress
Bryan Singer Filmmaker
Will Smith Actor
Steven Spielberg Director
Famous Dyslexics – In Business
Richard Branson Entrepreneur
Henry Ford Ford Motor Company
Bill Hewlett Computer Pioneer
Dean Kamen Inventor
Craig McCaw Cell Phone Pioneer
Paul J. Orfalea Kinko’s
Kerry Packer Publishing and Broadcasting Limited
Kerry Stokes Seven West Media
Charles Schwab Charles Schwab Corporation
Famous Dyslexics – Writers
Dame Agatha Christie Mystery Author
Vince Flynn Novelist
Famous Dyslexics – Musicians
John Lennon Singer-Songwriter
Famous Dyslexics – In Science
Jack Horner Palaeontologist
Famous Dyslexics – In Politics
Eleanor Roosevelt First Lady of the United States
Erna Solberg Prime Minister of Norway
Famous Dyslexics – Artists
Chuck Close Painter
Famous Dyslexics – Professionals
Richard Rogers Architect
David Boies Attorney

As I said, we’re looking to keep growing this list of Famous Dyslexics so please share in the comments any other names know you and we’ll feature them! Because it really is inspiring to know how many fabulously talented and capable adults have faced the challenges of dyslexia and created successful and happy lives. These are our “famous” dyslexics, but we’re also planning another list of the “successfully dyslexic” to share the stories of every day people like you and me, the people who aren’t famous, but who have still lead powerful lives of personal or professional success. If you know someone who could be added to that list please send me an email! I’d love to chat with them!

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