Voice of the Dyslexic

Personal Stories From Teens and Adults with Dyslexia

Open for Submissions

The Voice of the Dyslexic anthology shares personal stories from dyslexics who rose up against the adversity of their difficulties to become happy, healthy, and personally successful teens and adults. We invite teen and adult people with dyslexia to share their journey through the challenging school years, first adventures out into the world as young adults, and what made the biggest difference that allowed you to find your personal success despite the challenges you face with your neurodifference. These stories are inspirational for dyslexic children, their parents, and their teachers. Proof that no matter how hard the road, we can grow up to lead happy, healthy lives as adults with dyslexia.

2,000-10,000 words;
free editorial assistance available.

Please submit anthology entries to submit@aulexic.com.au and include the word Anthology in your subject line.

Some of the most important stories may come from people who continue to struggle with language and literacy. In these cases, we have support to help get your story written. You can speak your story and we will transcribe it, or share your story through an interview. If you have a story to tell, we want to ensure your voice can be heard and will do everything we can to help you share your own experience.

For questions or to discuss your Anthology entry please email admin@aulexic.com.au or phone Rebecca on +61 423 037 054.