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About Aulexic: At Aulexic, we believe every child can foster a love of reading!

About Aulexic: At Aulexic, we believe every child can foster a love of reading!

About Aulexic

A love of reading starts with great books!

We’ve found young readers of all ability levels learn to love reading, and find the learning to read process easier, when they’re inspired by engaging stories, compelling characters, and interest- (rather than age- or ability-) appropriate content. At Aulexic, we’re dedicated to producing the books kids love to read. We believe in scaffolding learning, strong reader support, and shared reading experiences. We’re also committed to minimising the challenges struggling readers face when developing their language and literacy abilities.

First launched in May 2015, Aulexic is the children’s publishing imprint of West Australian author Rebecca Laffar-Smith. As a mother and teacher, Rebecca knew the challenge of trying to find engaging books for struggling readers that were fun and interest-driven rather than age- or ability-focused. Because the truth is, a ten-year-old struggling reader may have six-year-old-ability coupled with twelve-year-old interests. Trying to find those middle-ground books that introduce language in a way that children of all ages would be receptive to, but that do not condescend, belittle, or dumb-down the reading process was frustrating.

As part of the homeschooling journey with her son, a child diagnosed with acute dyslexia, specific language impairment, and autism spectrum disorder, Rebecca created a learning program that involved collaborative story telling. From that, Bec J. Smith was born and the P.I. Penguin series developed. This series was the start of an imprint, and an idea, one that would crystalise into a mission to bring a growing range of dyslexia- and disability-friendly books to children around the world. Aulexic is creating an exciting, literacy-rich future.

If you’d like to find out more about Aulexic, please browse the website, or feel free to contact us directly.

Help your child foster a love of reading today!

Community, Environment, Ability

We’re a community, eco, and ability conscious company supporting local small business, community groups, and low socio-economic areas with donations. We believe in giving back to the community, the environment, and the people who make our world a better place. We believe in creating connection for the mental health and wellness of people of all ability. We strive toward creating sustainable practices and an earth-friendly impact in the world.

Proud Supporters of:
W.A. Streetsmart and the Neighbourhood Watch Program
Ambulance Active care for paramedics and emergency services
Kalparrin supporting families of children with special needs
National Heart Foundation of Australia and the Cancer Council Australia
Regional and rural Public Schools and Libraries
Women’s shelters and recovery centres
and so much more!