99c Sale at Kobo until February 28th

Very cool! It’s a 99c Sale at Kobo!

Get P.I. Penguin and the Case of the Missing Bottle in our 99c Sale At KoboIn February, we’re celebrating with an awesome sale!
Get P.I. Penguin and the Case of the Missing Bottle direct to your Kobo Reader in our 99c sale at Kobo!

If you’re a Kobo reader, you’ll love this fantastic deal on Aulexic’s P.I. Penguin and the Case of the Missing Bottle.
Check it out on Kobo!

P.S. If you’ve picked up a P.I. Penguin for Kobo it would be awesome if you’d take a moment to rate and review the book. We’d love to be able to share Aulexic books with more kids and parents tend to trust reviews when it comes to deciding what books to share with their children.

Have an awesome, bookish month!

P.P.S. While this sale offers a great deal for Kobo readers who get the convenience of having the book sent directly to their Kobo Reader device, you can also download* the first P.I. Penguin adventure as a .mobi, .epub, or .pdf file direct from our website for just 99c or get it free when you become a Little Owl and subscribe to our newsletter!

* When using Aulexic Digital Direct you’ll need to sideload the book to your eBook reader.

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