Aulexic Children’s Books & Y.A. Fiction. Inspiring Resistant Readers.

Foster A Love Of Reading

Aulexic specialises in books for dyslexic readers. We publish picture books, chapter books, middle grade fiction, y.a. fiction, and non-fiction. Our books use design techniques that enhance reading speed and accuracy. This makes them ideal for readers with language and literacy challenges. For example, we love helping people with dyslexia, specific language impairment, and autism.

Picture Books & Junior Fiction

Our P.I. Penguin series is adored by six to nine year olds. The bright colours and rounded illustrations help children tell the story in their minds before reading the words. Each book includes a glossary of ‘tricky’ words to encourage growing vocabulary. They’re also designed to read together with parents, older siblings, or teachers because we believe fostering a love of reading starts with precious memories of enjoying stories with others.

Chapter Books & Middle-Grade Fiction

Our GameNite series is a favourite with eight to twelve year olds. Delightful black and white illustrations sprinkle these short chapter books. Inspired by the popular Fortnite video game, these books get kids off the computer and reading instead. Because these stories were written from real game play, fans of the game feel connected. They’re recognise iconic features of the game and embrace the story of discovery and adventure.

Young Adult Fiction & Non-Fiction

We also have a growing selection of Young Adult Fiction for teenagers and adults. From real-world literary fiction to far reaching science fiction and fantasy, these stories explore diversity, mental health, and belonging. Dealing with every day teenage challenges these books connect with readers at the deepest level. Engaging not just a love of language, but of understanding, compassion, and courage.

Our Founder and CEO, Rebecca Laffar-Smith is an author and publisher as well as a dyslexic raising an autistic son. Aulexic began by combining her love of books and language with her family’s homeschool journey. It continues as the gateway between great stories that transform people’s lives and the parents, teachers, librarians, and readers who want to transform the lives of others.