#011 ‘Trust Yourself’ And Other Tips About Facing Diagnosis Difficulties

In this episode, Rebecca and Nanci chat with Careen Brash Elsner, about professionals listening to parents, the importance finding an empathetic community, and the struggles many families face in finding an accurate diagnosis for their child.

Careen was diagnosed with dyslexia as a child. Now, as an adult, she is the mother of a son with learning differences. Careen is grateful to her son’s current school for the understanding and support her son receives there, but she still believes an official diagnosis would help her son access resources he may need in the future.

Careen explains why she thinks the support she has received from health professionals has been inadequate, and sometimes even detrimental. She feels there is a tendency to blame the child for not being able to adapt to a system that doesn’t work for them, instead of identifying the issues within that system.

Careen shares why she wants experts to trust parents’ observations of their own children. She feels like the home environment is often under attack from professionals, who are quick to try to find blame rather than provide answer.

Careen believes parents should always do their own research, and follow their gut when it comes to their own children.

Can you relate to Careen’s journey and perspective? Do you have any advice or information to share with people who are seeking answers?

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