P.I. Penguin Colour In Pictures!

Penguin Moon - P.I. Penguin Colour In
Gloomy Octopus - P.I. Penguin Colour In

May 4th - P.I. Jedi Colour InMay 4th - P.I. Jedi vs Pete Sith Colour InMay 4th - Friends Colour In

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  • #002 How penguins inspire a child with dyslexia to read and write – Aulexic Posted January 8, 2017 2:03 pm

    […] And finally, yes! You have a chance to win stuff. As mentioned in the podcast we have some cool P.I. Penguin activities and competitions in the podcast. Check out the colouring in pictures for our Monthly give-away available here: https://www.aulexic.com.au/pipenguin-colour-ins/ […]

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