Our Aulexic Team

CEO & Publisher: Rebecca Laffar-Smith*
CFO & Administration Director: Stephanie Hewitt*
Creative Directors: Joshua Laffar-Smith*
  Kaylie Laffar-Smith*
Distribution Manager: Currently Seeking!
Administration Assistant: Kaylie Laffar-Smith
Authors: Bec J. Smith*
Submissions Closed Nadia L King
  Nanci Nott
  Christa M. Miller
Illustrators: Adit Galih
Submissions Closed Rhiannon J. Dickson
  Christian Barratt
  Xanthe Turner
Content Editors: Dawn Allcot*
  Teena Raffa-Mulligan
Social Media Manager: Currently Seeking!
Content Manager: Currently Seeking!
Content Writers: Rebecca Laffar-Smith*
Submissions Open Bec J. Smith*
Events Photographer: Currently Seeking!
Events Videographer: Currently Seeking!
AudioBook Production: Dan Jones (Findaway Voices)*
Podcast Audio Production: Aaron Gwynaire (Defy Reality Studios)*
Podcast CoPresentor: Nanci Nott*
Graphic Designer: Currently Seeking!
Web Technician: Currently Seeking!
Compiler: Currently Seeking!
Past Content Contributors Dawn Allcot
  Rae Redford
  Shari Malowitz
  Holly O’Donoghue
  Christa M. Miller

* These AMAZING people voluntarily donate their time and services to support our cause.